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Life is the bubbles, ya'll.

Listen in for all our thoughts and opinions on Disney movies and content! If it's live-action, animated, made for tv, big budget, new or old, Marvel, Star Wars, or Pixar, we'll talk about it. New episodes drop every single Monday!

You'll learn real fast what and who our favorites are and hopefully find a few new ones of your own. To show you what we mean, here's an example:

Favorite Character in the MCU (Marvel Comic Universe)
Andre: Spider-Man

Michelle: Captain America

Emily: The Vision

Luis: Bucky, aka James Buchanan Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier, aka THE ONE WHO RUINS THE AVENGERS (Emily may have added in that last part)

See! It'll be fun... or at least fun-ish. Enjoy!

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Let's talk about us. 


This is Andre.

Andre is the voice of The Walt Vault, having been a podcaster for quite some time. He is hilarious, knowledgable, and ready to kick this podcast into gear! Some of his Disney favorites include Spiderman, Spiderman, and (don't forget) Spiderman. He also likes all things Star Wars and, of course, Spiderman.

Instagram: @andremortonjr


This is Michelle.

Michelle is a Little Mermaid fiend who loves all things Disney! She's excited to start this podcast and re-watch all her favorite Disney Classics and ones she's never seen before, too! Michelle loves visiting the parks and is a boss at Disney trivia, so try to get a good fact past her! We bet she'll know all about it.  

Instagram: @meeshell10


This is Emily. 

Emily is super excited to be a part of this podcast! Being a 90's baby, she's most interested in re-watching Disney Channel original movies and Disney Classics - ya know, the ones that everyone THOUGHT were good, but may have only been because we were young and didn't know any better. Her Disney favorites are Mulan, Hercules, and Tangled, but the MCU has a place in there too!

Instagram: @emily______


This is Luis.

Luis may or may not have gotten dragged into being a part of The Walt Vault. He was there when we came up with it and all - it was a small car and a long drive! However, after lots of planning and giving him the honor of introducing the name of each episode, he's pretty dang excited now! Expect some riveting commentary from this one. His Disney favorites include Brave and anything Marvel!

Instagram: @_lruiz_


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